You may have entered into the construction industry because you enjoy almost everything about the process involved in a new project. You like the creative aspect of coming up with ideas for homeowners who want an entirely new home or who want to make additions or other renovations. You also feel a sense of accomplishment when you see a project come together in the end.

Of course, construction can come with its difficulties as well, and you know that delays in a project can turn an enjoyable process into a nightmare. While you always do your best to ensure that you and your team stick to a schedule as well as possible, it is not uncommon for the homeowners themselves to cause delays.

How do homeowners cause delays?

As an experienced contractor, you may have already seen your fair share of issues arise when Kentucky homeowners commit any of the following actions that are likely pet peeves of yours:

  • The homeowners do not finalize the design plans early, or they decide to make critical changes after the project is already underway. In some cases, this could mean having to start over on certain sections of the project.
  • The homeowners do not have a set schedule they want to work by. You understand the importance of a schedule, but if the homeowners do not have a timetable or want to postpone work often, serious delays can occur.
  • They do not participate in pre-construction meetings. While you may appreciate the trust your clients have in you and your construction team, you know this lack of participation could result in homeowners misunderstanding certain aspects of the project.

While it is often homeowners who find themselves disgruntled with construction delays, such issues can cause major problems for your company as well.

What if a homeowner sues for delays?

It is not uncommon for homeowners to take legal action when they feel that a construction project has faced unnecessary delays and resulted in difficulties. However, if you and your company face such a claim, you may have a strong defense if you have evidence that the homeowners themselves caused much of the delay. Any time the threat of a lawsuit comes against your company, you may find it useful to gain reliable insight into your legal options from an experienced construction law attorney.