Serious Fraud Charges

Most white collar crime charges involve some kind of fraud allegation – misrepresentation to obtain funds illegally from an individual or payer. These are serious charges, especially when the assets obtained are significant and when the federal government becomes involved. If you are facing fraud charges, you need the help of an experienced firm.

At Furman Nilsen & Oyler PLLC, we have more than 25 years of legal experience, including attorney C. Dean Furman’s time serving as a federal prosecutor. We bring unique strategic and procedural advantage to every fraud case we handle. From our home office in Louisville, we can defend clients against all types of white collar crime cases throughout the Commonwealth and, at times with local counsel, in neighboring states.

Defending Healthcare Providers

Hospitals, physicians, and others involved in the healthcare industry are always in danger of facing healthcare fraud charges. Some examples of accusations commonly faced by healthcare providers include:

  • Excessive prescriptions: The accusation here is operating a “pill mill,” where opioids and other drugs are prescribed in excess of what is medically necessary.
  • Fraudulent billing: This is the most common healthcare accusation. It involves allegedly billing payers for services never performed, or upcoding by billing for more expensive services than what had actually been done.
  • Kickbacks: Whether the government accuses a provider of violating Stark or the Anti-Kickback Statute, providing remuneration in exchange for referrals is a target for investigators, even if providers are strictly following what they believe to be safe harbors or statutory/regulatory exceptions.

These are just a few examples of healthcare fraud charges levied against medical care providers. There are many more possibilities of charges, including the risk of exclusion from government programs with the cascading effect of private payers following the government’s lead.

Our firm has a thorough understanding of the laws and procedures involved in defending you against healthcare fraud charges and other federal white collar crime allegations.

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