Defending You Against Federal Crime Charges

Defending yourself against federal criminal charges is not the same as fighting a local traffic ticket or basic drug charge. Not only are federal cases much more significant in the resources used to prosecute a defendant, they are also much more complicated to defend. The procedures are different, and you have the resources of the federal government coming down on you.

If you have been charged with healthcare fraud or another white collar crime in the federal system, you need the help of an experienced lawyer. At Furman Nilsen & Oyler PLLC, we bring decades of experience and knowledge to the defense of clients fighting federal charges. From our Louisville, Kentucky, office, we can defend you against a range of federal white collar charges.

Attorney C. Dean Furman has many years of experience prosecuting or defending clients against complex federal healthcare and white collar criminal charges. As a former federal prosecutor, he is well-versed on the strategies employed by prosecuting attorneys and the complex procedures involved with trying federal crime cases.  He served as his U.S. Attorney’s Office’s Healthcare Fraud Coordinator and can help your case with his invaluable experience.

Types Of White Collar Cases

Our firm can defend you against any type of federal white collar crime case, including:

  • Healthcare fraud
  • Fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Bribery
  • Money laundering

Most white collar crime cases involve misrepresentation to illegally obtain funds from a person or entity. Each case is uniquely complex and the stakes are high. Our legal team will fight to defend you against these serious charges.

Healthcare Fraud

While we will consider representation of clients in other federal criminal cases, our focus on federal white collar criminal defense involves healthcare fraud. Physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare providers work in a regulatory environment that quickly changes and, at times, has contradictory guidance on billing for services. Innocent providers can be swept into an investigation through government data mining, disgruntled patients or former employees, or tips from competitors who do not understand how a practice actually works. Our goal is to address any potential government liability, civil or criminal, before a complaint or indictment is filed. By thoroughly investigating the facts and laws in any client’s situation, we strive to find solutions that will enable our clients to continue their valuable healthcare work and resolve all disputes with the government and/or private payers.

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