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Putting Your Needs First

Leather binder containing a stack of papers

We have a client-centered approach, focusing on your needs. If you choose us to represent you, we will provide:

Committed and vigorous representation on your behalf – You want an advocate you can rely on to take care of your legal needs.

Responsive, prompt communication with answers to your questions –  No unreturned phone calls. Nothing can be more aggravating for a client than being unable to reach his or her attorney. Our goal is that if the attorney is unavailable, due to court or a vacation, then a staff member will return the call within 24 hours (or Monday if a message was left during the weekend). If the staff member cannot answer the client’s question, then a call or a meeting will be scheduled with an attorney for a mutually convenient time.

Regular status letters, emails or phone calls on the progress in your case, what to expect in litigation, and what steps we plan on taking to resolve your case – you don’t want to wonder each month what is happening with your case. Is a settlement offer outstanding? Have motions been ruled upon by the judge? We will strive to regularly keep you informed, and we will immediately inform you of significant events in your case, such as a settlement offer.

Our bottom line is your satisfaction.